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DocVikingo, with whom I had the pleasure of meeting and diving in late 2004, and again in 2005, is a well-known and respected internet diving personality and journalist.

DocVikingo is a contributor to the world of dive travel and dive medicine, and his work regularly appears in Undercurrent and occasionally in DAN's Alert Diver magazine. Doc is a moderator of Scuba Clinic, an online forum for scuba medical issues. In the past, he had a regular column in Rodale's Scuba Diving magazine. He is also a longtime contributor to Rodale's Diver to Diver Forum.

In keeping with the non-commercial and ultimately information sharing raison-d'etre of this website, Doc V has graciously agreed to allow to host a Doc Vikingo Resource Page for Divers, featuring several of his most sought after articles and lists.

Many thanks to Doc V for his continuing commitment to sharing important information with a world of divers.

Recently added or updated articles in this resource are marked with *.

Any queries or feedback regarding the content of the articles in this index should be directed to Doc Vikingo.

Travel Articles

Insurance Matters

  • Are You Diving Naked?
  • * Revised August 2006
    Don't leave home without it. Contrasts & comparisons of the options for Dive Accident Insurance policies.

  • DAN vs DEPP

  • Everything you need to know about insuring your underwater photographic equipment.

  • Travel Medical Insurance

  • Beware - your dive insurance policy may not cover you for pricey medical care while traveling.

Dive & Travel Medical Issues


  • Menstruation & Diving

  • Everything you wanted to know, but were too embarassed to ask, including whether or not menstruating women are more prone to shark attack.

  • Depression & Diving

  • Doc Vikingo's comprehensive review of the issues surrounding Clinical Depression, medications and diving.

  • Children & Diving

  • Are children really suited to scuba diving? Read this and find out the current thinking on this controversial subject.

  • Avoiding Pesky Insect Bites

  • Stategies for avoiding sand fleas (aka no see ums), mosquitoes and other bothersome and disease carrying insects.

Travel Info

  • Tipping 101
    How much, when and whom to tip on a dive boat.


Dive Gear & Strategies

  • Shark Attack!
    Is there good reason to worry about sharks while diving? Doc V reports on the risks and the techniques for dealing with shark threats.

  • Surviving Vertical Currents
  • Sh*t happens. And when it does, it helps to have read this most informative article on how to handle scary things like upwellings and downwellings.

  • Spare Air

  • How to ensure you are not the next victim.

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