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Judy G – Photo Gallery
Nuts About Nudibranchs
A Collection of Nudibranch Images – Sorted by Location


Judy G – Trip Report
Cozumel 2012

*Trip Report

Judy G – Photo Gallery
Cozumel 2012

*Trip Gallery

Judy G – Photo Gallery
Ambon, Indonesia - Muck Diving 2011

*Trip Gallery

Judy G – Thailand 2011 Serial Trip Report

Part One - The Junk Liveaboard (Similans, Surins, Richelieu Rock Itinerary)
Part Two - Phi Phi Islands Land-based Diving

Trip Gallery

Mike Southard – Trip Report:

Coco View - Roatan, Honduras - 2011

Judy G – Photo Gallery
Berlin, Germany & Barcelona, Spain

2011 Trip Gallery

Judy G – Slideshows for PC & Mac

Slideshow: Cozumel 2010 - 'Feelin' Alright'

Trip Gallery

Judy G – Slideshows for PC & Mac

Slideshow: California Truth 2010 - 'Road Trip!'

Trip Gallery

Doc Vikingo's Resource:

Travel: Raja Ampat, Indonesia on the Archipelago Adventurer II

Medical: Erectile Dysfunction Meds & Diving (Updated);
Q & A: Fizzy Drinks & Diving

Judy G – Asia 2010 Serial Trip Report

Part 1 - Touring Beijing, China
Part 2 - Lembeh, Indonesia & Critters@Lembeh
Part 3 - Sulawesi Jungle Safari & More Muck in Ambon
Part 4 - Raja Ampat on the Archipelago Adventurer II

Trip Galleries - Raja Ampat & Ambon; Beijing; Lembeh

Judy G – Slideshow for PC & Mac

Indonesia 2010 - 'Oh Yeah!'

Trip Galleries

Judy G – Trip Report

Fiji 2009 - Wananavu Resort & Ra Divers    

Mike Southard – Trip Report:

St Vincent - Caribbean Macro Paradise

Judy G – Slideshow
Fiji 2009

Slideshow: Fiji - South Pacific El Dorado

Trip Gallery   

Doc Vikingo's Resource:

Should sport divers be screened for PFO?
Do vented earplugs work for divers?
Hastening the drainage of middle ear fluid

Avoiding Insect Bites (updated)

Judy G – Photo Tour
Rome Weekend Walkabout

Gallery:     Rome, Italy    

Judy G – Photo Tour
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, Germany

Gallery:       Sachsenhausen

Judy G – Photo Gallery
Berlin, Germany

Gallery:       Berlin

Judy G – Slideshow & Gallery
Grand Cayman

Slideshow:    'Look Up'
Gallery:         Grand Cayman

Judy G – Indonesia Slideshow & Galleries
Bali & Komodo

Slideshows: Bali & Komodo 2009 - 'There Be Dragons'
Flash Version (for Macs) -'There Be Dragons'
Trip Galleries:     Bali & Komodo

Bigass Indonesia Group Trip Report

Ambon, Bali & The Banda Sea

Judy G – Indonesia Slideshow & Galleries
Bali & The Banda Sea

Slideshow:   Monkeys in Paradise
Galleries:      Bali & The Banda Sea

Judy G – Haida Gwaii Motorcycle Adventure

Trip Gallery


Judy G – Thompson River Wild Ride

Gallery:      Thompson River Rafting

Judy G – Quadra Island Slideshow & Gallery:

Slideshow:   Quadra Island 2008
Gallery:        Quadra Island 2008

Judy G – Thailand Trip Report & Gallery:

Trip Report :   Thailand
Thailand - Topside & Underwater

Mike Southard – Turks & Caicos Trip Report:

Turks & Caicos Explorer

Doc Vikingo's Resource:

Cozumel To Do List  (Updated February 2008)
Beta Blockers & Diving

Judy G – Cozumel Slideshow & Gallery:

Gallery:    Cozumel EDG

'Cozumel Characters' 
(Version for PCs)

Bill Cooper – Trip Report:

Polar Bears in Churchill, Canada

Mike Southard – Trip Report:

Micronesia - Guam & Palau
Rocking The Rock Islands

Judy G – California Slideshow & Gallery:

Slideshow:   'Star Gazing'
Gallery:        Catalina & Santa Cruz Island s

Doc Vikingo's Resource:

Cozumel 2007: Post-Wilma Dive Conditions
Sea Urchin Puncture Treatment
Ear Candling - Cure or Quackery?

Judy G – Galapagos Slideshow & Gallery:

Slideshow:  'G-Spot Afterglow' - Galapagos 2007

Gallery:       Galapagos Islands 2007

Judy G – Fiji Slideshow & Gallery:

Slideshow:  'Dream Diving' - Fiji 2007


Richard Salkin – Fiji Trip Report:

Bowls & Bula - Fiji 2007

Judy G – Haida Gwaii Slideshow & Gallery:

Slideshow:  'Mountain Islands' - British Columbia
Gallery:       Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii)

Judy G – Slideshow:

Awoosh 2006 - A Year in Pictures

Bill Cooper – Video:

Kenya Safari

Postcards From The Edge:
An Archive of Photo Essays, Multimedia Shows, Trip Reports,
Image Galleries, Dive Stories, Resort & Dive Op Reviews

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Gallery Chronological List
* Updated June 2012

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Awoosh Guest Contributors Directories
Mike Southard

Saudio Trip Reports

Newest Addition:  Cocoview Dive Resort, Honduras


Good Guy Resource
Dive MedicineTravel Medical Issues
Insurance Gear Dive & Travel Tips

Newest Addition: Erectile Dysfunction Meds & Diving (Updated); Raja Ampat, Indonesia on the Archipelago Adventurer II; Q & A: Fizzy Drinks & Diving


Scuba Sapien
Writer extraordinaire.

Newest Addition:  Bowls & Bula - Fiji 2007

Bill (Papa)

Captain Video Strikes Again

Newest Addition:  Polar Bears in Churchill