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DocVikingo, with whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and diving on several memorable occasions, is a well-known and respected internet diving personality and journalist.

DocVikingo is a contributor to the world of dive travel and dive medicine, and his work regularly appears in Undercurrent and occasionally in DAN's Alert Diver magazine. Doc is a moderator of Scuba Clinic, an online forum for scuba medical issues. In the past, he had a regular column in Rodale's Scuba Diving magazine. He is also a longtime contributor to's Diver to Diver Forum.

In keeping with the non-commercial and ultimately information sharing raison-d'etre of this website, Doc V has graciously agreed to allow to host a Doc Vikingo Resource Page for Divers, featuring several of his most sought after articles and lists.

Many thanks to Doc V for his continuing commitment to sharing important information with a world of divers.

Recently added or updated articles in this resource are marked with *.

Any queries or feedback regarding the content of the articles in this index should be directed to Doc Vikingo.

Travel Articles
Raja Ampat, Indonesia 2010 *
Archipelago Adventurer II - It Makes One Feel Like A King
Cozumel 2007 Post-Wilma Cozumel Just Keeps On Getting Better
Belize Whalesharks Whaleshark Trips from Placencia
Raine Island, Australia It's way, way out there...
Post-Wilma Cozumel How are the reefs? Well, they're different...

Sunset Waters Curaçao

Even in the rain it’s a blue sky experience.

Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

Not bad for an all-inclusive romantic getaway.

Insurance Matters
Are You Diving Naked?
Don't leave home without it. Contrasts & comparisons of the options for Dive Accident Insurance policies.

DAN vs DEPP Everything you need to know about insuring your underwater photographic equipment.
Trip Cancellation Insurance Is it worth it? Doc Vikingo analyzes the costs and lists available underwriters.

Travel Medical Insurance Beware - your dive insurance policy may not cover you for pricey medical care while traveling.

Dive & Travel Medical Issues  
Q & A: Fizzy Drinks & Diving *  
Should the sport diver be screened for PFO?  
Hastening the Drainage of Middle Ear Fluid  
Stoppering the Problem - Do Vented Earplugs Work Underwater?  
Beta Blockers & Diving  
Sea Urchin Puncture Treatment  
Ear Candling - Cure or Quackery?  
Preventing Swimmer's Ear Updated June 2007  
Pins & Needles After Diving  
TMJ & Scuba  
Pregnancy & Diving  
* Erectile Dysfunction Medications & Diving (Updated July 2010)  
Opioid Pain Relief Medications & Diving  
Accutane & Diving  
Anxiety & Diving  
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) & Flying  
PFO & Scuba Revised August 2006  
Nicotine Replacement & Diving?  
"Is it possible to drink too much water when trying to hydrate?”   
"Can I Dive With Diabetes?"  
"Can I Dive With Asthma?"  
"Can I Dive With Epilepsy?"  
"Should Physical Examinations for Divers be Regularly Required?"  
Menstruation & Diving  
Traveler's Diahrrea  
Depression & Diving  
Exercise and Diving: When Is It a Good Thing?  
Children & Diving  
Avoiding Pesky Insect Bites - Updated December 2009  
Tame the Technicolor Yodel: Managing Mal de Mer  
Scopalamine—Pill (Scopace) vs Patch (Transderm Scop)  
Ginger for Seasickness?  
Sea Bathers Eruption (SBE)  

Travel Info  
Tipping 101 How much, when and whom to tip on a dive boat.

Doc Vikingo's Cozumel Survival Guide Revised December 2006
Click here for an printer-friendly version
Ever wondered who to call if you get bent in Cozumel? Who to contact if you are in trouble with the law, or need a dentist? It's all here in Doc Vikingo's excellent Cozumel Survival Guide. Print it and bundle it with your travel documents.
Doc Vikingo's Exhaustive 'Things to Do on Cozumel' List Revised February 2008
Click here for a printer-friendly version
A great list of things to do for non-divers, après-diving or, Divegods forbid, when a Norte blows up and diving is cancelled.
Another must-print and pack for your next Coz adventure.
An Orientation to Cruise Ship Diving Maximizing your Pod diving experience.

Dive Gear & Strategies
It's A Moray

It's Only Natural - Morays Can Bite The Hand That Feeds Them

Recent Moray Eel attacks in Grand Cayman beg the question - How safe is it to dive with moray eels?

What strategies should you employ to make sure you don't get bitten?

Shark Attack! Is there good reason to worry about sharks while diving? Doc V reports on the risks and the techniques for dealing with shark threats.

Surviving Vertical Currents Sh*t happens. And when it does, it helps to have read this most informative article on how to handle scary things like upwellings and downwellings.
Spare Air A redundant air souce is not a bad thing - just make sure it's big enough to save your bacon.
Cleaning Funky Wetsuits Advice on how to successfully sink the stink.
Back Inflated vs
Jacket-style BC's
Which style is best for you?

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